Fortune Harbour

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Plays & Skits

 ‘A Friend’s Lament’ – stage play

One of the most repeated comments from readers of my novel, Harbour of my Tomorrows, was, ‘It would make a great movie or television series’. I actually had the same feeling while I was writing the story.

While that has not happened to date, and since I had wanted so much to see the John Gavin story come to life, I decided that there was still something I could do. So, in the winter of 2013, I wrote the stage play, A Friend’s Lament, based on characters in the novel.

By that spring, I had gathered together twelve other locals to take part in the upcoming play. We performed the play during the Fortune Harbour Festival in July. It was much more than I had expected, playing to a sold-out audience for two shows with standing ovations for each performances. It was a feeling that I’ll never forget.

Performing skits

When you live in Fortune Harbour, NL, you have to do all you can to raise money for the tiny community.

Three times a year, we put off theme shows. We start in March with a St Paddy’s all-Irish show. In April we do an all-country

My husband Joe, local singer and musician, will gather everyone who takes part in the musical side of the evenings. I write skits and perform them with my three friends, Madonna, Sharon, and Mary. We have done some hilarious things on the tiny stage, with the small audience of one hundred just cracking up; their laughter intoxicating!

For a change of pace, a  couple of years ago, I wrote a drama for the Newfoundland show, with lighting and sound effects; the story of an actual ship that had been lost at sea with a crew of Fortune Harbour men aboard. They all perished. The story is a big part of the history of the area. We received wonderful feedback.

It all plays a part in one’s creativity. Creating anything brings joy to you, but when others approve and enjoy your effort and work, it is all worth it, and so much more.  

Backstage ---production night of Valerie’s drama, ‘A Time for Goodbye’.

Valerie and her Fortune Harbour Players, about to take the small stage to perform a skit Valerie wrote ---‘Ma’s girls’.

Valerie & Madonna ready to serve it up at
Miss Valie’s Saloon

show. Then, in May, we do a Newfoundland traditional show.

Old  Irish woman (Valerie) & Old Grady, the pig farmer(Joe) about to take the stage

Five of the actors were descendants of the main characters in the play - a fact that was well received when mentioned during the last bow. I was so proud of everyone on stage; such an emotional and rewarding moment in time.