Fortune Harbour

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It’s the strangest thing. I don’t read or write music, play an instrument, and I sing ‘off key’ more often than not, but still, I manage to write songs.

In 2004, my husband Joe was working as tour guide and entertainer for the ‘MUSSEL BOUND TOURS’, Fortune Harbour. Often, the tourists would ask if he had a CD to sell. One day, he mentioned to me that he would like to record one, to have readily available. Immediately I was quite happy to help for I knew that I could write some original material for him.  

Not playing a musical instrument didn’t sway me at all. When I was alone, I would hear a melody in my head and write down lyrics that fit. Later when Joe was at home I would sing the song for him, without music, and he would pick up his guitar and make it real. That’s the way we did it for the twelve songs on his first CD ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’.


During those times I was also researching to write the novel Harbour of my Tomorrows, so it was easy to be inspired by the Irish-Newfoundland connection for some of the songs. After a month or so, we had twelve songs ready for the new CD. Before long we were at Kevin Collins’ house in Placentia, recording.

That summer, we had a ‘Come Home Year’ festival in Fortune Harbour. That’s when we launched the new CD. For the first time, Joe and I danced the old-fashion waltz to our own song. What a lovely memory.

In the spring of 2015, I was happy to write four more songs for Joe when he decided to record a new CD. He added a couple of instrumentals, a couple of traditional songs, and three beautiful songs written by my brother, Ted, and he was ready to record.

My brother had the equipment, facilities and know-how to produce the new CD - from recording, cover design, to final manufacturing.

The final result is great; a more organic sound. We chose a song from the album as the title for the CD: ‘Standing in the Old House Still’. You can listen to samples and order the CDs on Joe’s website:

I am so happy to have been a part of the whole process. It has brought me a lot of joy.