Fortune Harbour

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The Lodger … and Other Short Stories

In the summer of 2013, I was researching to write my second novel - another work of historical fiction. After I finished writing the first chapter, I felt compelled to put the project on hold for a while.

My reason for putting it aside until a later date, was that short stories started coming to me. Often throughout the day, before I went to sleep at night, and when I awoke in the morning all these new and intriguing characters would invade my thinking. I soon found myself giving them personality dimensions: faces, feelings, doubts, actions, and regrets. I knew I had to switch gears, and quickly. That’s when I gave myself permission to start writing until ten short stories were completed. ‘The Lodger … and other ShortStories’ is now completed and ready for sale (check my ‘Ordering’ page).

I Call Her Annie is a story about a young girl, sixteen years old, who disgraces her father by getting pregnant.

The Blood Red Window a good old fashion police story.

The Jilted and the Loved is about a young man who has come home from the mainland to get married. Trouble is, his fiancé, Ashley, had never been to a Newfoundland outport.


The Lodger is set in modern day. This story tells the tale of a Newfoundland lady, in her forties, who has inherited her grandmother’s old lodging house and a considerable amount of money. The intrigue begins with her first lodger.

The Bully has a message for teens, telling them that they can be the ones to speak up and distance themselves from the bullies.

A Grand Game is a tale centered on two old friends in rural Newfoundland during the sixties who become obsessed with finishing their ‘grand card game’.

The Widow’s Watch tells the tale of a ninety-six year old woman who has a last wish granted to her.

An Evening with Gordon Pinsent.
Sixty-eight year old Aggie Delaney has won an evening with Gordon Pinsent. She is almost out of her mind because he is her favourite actor of all times. Yes, Gordon Pinsent has read it and given his seal of approval!

A Plea for Forgiveness is about a teen-age son who has to grow up in a hurry after his father’s death. When his mentally-challenged brother, Louie, disappears because of Harry’s carelessness, their mother will not forgive Harry no matter his pleas.

Home to Stay tells the story of Uncle Eldon who has decided to come back home to Newfoundland to live.  If only Eldon Hicks had taken his friend’s advice and told his nephew everything from the start.