Fortune Harbour

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It seems as if I had always loved to write. I recall reading one of my poems aloud in class when I was about ten years old. It was entitled ‘The old Oak Tree’. Always feeling composed in front of people, I never felt nervous reading, not even at that young age.

Later, in my teens, I would love to write skits too and perform them for class mates. Drama or comedy; I loved it all. Throughout the years, whatever group or organization I was a part of, it seems that I was always writing something and performing it for special occasions.

Creativity has always been a part of me. Those of you who write can understand just how that feels—to see something come to life before your eyes that had started as a seed in your psyche; a notion turned into fulfilment, approval, and applause. Whether it is poetry, a stage play, a song or a book, your emotions have brought about emotion in others. How astonishing that is!

Valerie Wiseman

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